Intelligence Analysis


Product description

A significant factor affecting businesses long-term profitability is its ability to adjust to new conditions. Which can offer opportunities but also challenges, such as social unrest and political instability.

In a security risk intelligence report information on events and opinion are gathered and analysed, through certain parameters. Its purpose is to provide organisations with deeper knowledge on trends affecting its security risks. Assessing if the current level of security is appropriate.

Consists of

  • Gathering of information
  • Assessment
  • Scenario analysis

React Risk Advisory also supports clients while developing strategies and action plans to meet the necessary level of security and during the implementation process.

Threre is several benefits with a security risk intelligence report

  • With a deeper knowledge about trends in the world, organisations can create a greater resilience to global and local events.
  • Substantiate decision-making processes.

A security risk intelligence report should be conducted

  • If you are active in an industry that is particularly vulnerable to attacks or disruptions.
  • When starting a project that may involve higher risks for the business.
  • In the event of major business changes
  • If the business expands to a new business area or location
  • When experiencing greater political changes or social unrest

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