React Risk Advisory assisted in major M&A transaction in East and Central Europe


Bartosz Pastuszka, CEO, RRA Poland
During this year, React Risk Advisory (RRA) has been involved in the largest mergers and acquisition transaction on the Eastern and Central European market for shipbuilding and windturbine manufacturing. 
RRA has been an advising partner during the key negotiations as well as conducted several crucial analyses throughout the transaction period. RRA’s role did involve the preparation of a security strategy for the complex transaction as well as several due diligence projects of key assets and guarantees in Poland, Ukraine, Cyprus and the British Virgin Islands.
The Polish CEO of RRA, Bartosz Pastuszka, was involved in the entire process as well as responsible for the strategic planning and execution of the project. 
M&A processes does often contain several elements of uncertainty. It is therefore essential to remain careful, and to attain answers to all possible questions, in all steps of such a transaction process. Hence, a reliable business intelligence partner with a vast international network is crucial.”
React Risk Advisory is currently present with its own offices in Sweden, Poland and the United Arab Emirates and has capacity to assist with e.g. business intelligence services in more than 70 countries globally in these matters.

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