Our Services


React Risk Advisory is a leading advisory firm in Security Risk Management. We work with four core areas: Intelligence, Risk, Security and Crisis, as well as two methods; Proactive and Reactive. Due to long experience from many sectors in different parts of the world, we are somewhat experts on advanced problem solving.


Intelligence is the basis of all analysis, more information gives a better analysis and decision.

  • Background screenings on individuals and companies
  • Financial analysis of companies
  • Travel security reports
  • Different kinds of information gathering, internationally.

Risk & Threats

Risk and threat assessment is essential to make the right decision regarding mitigation measures.

  • Risk & threat evaluation and assessment
  • Security audit
  • Technical surveillance counter measures
  • Information Security
  • Investigations


Security measures can be applied to reduce risks. Every solution should be motivated.

  • Physical Security
  • Personal Security
  • Security organisation 
  • Assessment of procurements
  • Project management


To prepare for the unexpected and to support when needed.

  • Crisis management, plans
  • Crisis organisation, training and setup
  • Emergency response 24/7