Corporate culture



We at React Risk Advisory are proud of our corporate culture and we are constantly willing to challenge ourselves and industry standards.

The creation of forums where employees can exchange knowledge and experiences permeates our entire business. We strive to develop each other through mutual respect, openness, and integrity.

We know that the best solutions are made in the meeting between people with different experiences and backgrounds. Our corporate culture is characterized by respect for different perspectives, strengths, and skills. We also know that diversity, inclusion, and gender equality are the path to success. We are always ready to learn from each other.

We believe in high ceilings and are passionate about turning abstract ideas into practical solutions. Teamwork is highly valued together with the capacity to be able to work independently and responsibly within a jointly set framework.

Simplicity is the key word, and our solutions should never be more complex than the problem we are trying to solve.


We at React Risk Advisory are proud of our ability to deliver clear solutions to difficult problems. This ability is based on how our organization reflects society at large. Our employees' different perspectives and backgrounds are important elements to be able to challenge current standards and deliver the best solutions to our clients.

We work actively with a diversity perspective when we recruit new staff and to maintain and develop a tolerant culture for differences.


The basis for success is inclusive workplaces where all employees' perspectives and skills are used. All employees must feel valuable and treated based on their conditions and needs.

React Risk Advisory has an equal organization with respect for differences, zero tolerance for discrimination and participation and collaboration between people from different backgrounds. This is achieved, among other things, through reflective and tolerant work environments where norms are challenged, together with the provision of equal processes for skills development and wage setting.