External Security Manager


Product description

In all businesses, it is important to have a designated function that ensures that safety and security requirements are met, and that critical processes and assets are protected. However, all businesses do not need a full-time security manager and many times the role requires more experience than one person can provide. In those cases, an external security manager is a good solution.

React Risk Advisory offers clients a dedicated person to serve as an external security manager supporting them with expertise. The purpose is to lay a groundwork for the security organization that is sustainable over time and to give management the opportunity to focus on strategic issues.

The external security manager can, for example

  • Establish or revise existing security policy, systematic security work, security organization
  • Lead risk analyses, work with the business continuity planning or establish a crisis management work
  • Create or revise existing routine documents and implement them in the organization
  • Review existing security systems and assess their suitability
  • Review relevant agreements and renegotiate those that are not beneficial and procure new security services
  • Handling security issues and crises

Advantages of hiring an external security manager

  • Can work part-time, indefinitely or during a transitional period. It is easy to scale up when needed and to achieve cost efficiency.
  • Broader competence as colleagues at React Risk Advisory support the external security manager with their expertise.
  • Security requirements are met and critical processes and assets in the business are protected.

An external security manager should be hired

  • When there is a need of strengthening current security organization.
  • After organizational changes.
  • Before events that involve higher security requirements.
  • When circumstances require a specific competence
  • Changes in threat level.
  • Where there is a lack of resources but at the same time no permanent need for a full-time security manager.

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