Event Security


Product description

During large or critical events there is often higher demands on preventive measures to ensure that the level of security is adequate in relation to the threat. This so the event can take place without disruption.

React Risk Advisory offers a complete security package to clients hosting an event. Ranging from developing security and safety strategies, review planning, risk assessment and acting as security manager or coordinator during the event. We can also assist with vehicles, medical personnel and personnel for protection and evacuation.

Included in event security

  • Development of security strategy
  • Assessment of security risks and threats
  • Security planning
  • Security and information gathering during the event

Upon completion of the project, a report is always submitted together with a presentation.

There are several advantages with event security

  • Every relevant safety risk and threat is assessed and set in relation to possible damage or interruption to the event.
  • The factual assessment ensures that adequate security and safety measures is being taken.
  • External support when planning and executing security during events also ensures cost efficiency.

Event security should be used if

  • The business is exposed to a higher security risk, has received direct threats, or operates in a controversial industry
  • There are transferred threats from board members, visitors, artists, or speakers who, with their presence, increase the security risk for the event as a whole.
  • Security requirements exist from the police authority, other external actors, or other parties.

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