Security Analysis


Product description

An important part of companies' security work is to apply a sufficient level of security. This level should set the baseline for what measures the business should use to protect itself against harmful acts or incidents.

In a security analysis, we gather the formal security requirements, identify security risks, assess threats, and review existing security solutions. The purpose is to assess what level of security the business should be covered by and compare it with existing measures. This is to evaluate the business' need for security measures and assess whether something needs to change and, if so, how. The result is a clear current picture with recommendations for concrete measures, to create long-term solutions and ensure proper management.

A security analysis consists of three main parts

  • Security risk assessment and threat assessment
  • Security review or security audit of operations, properties or premises
  • GAP analysis

Upon completion of the project, the security analysis is always submitted in report form together with a presentation

Benefits of doing a security analysis

  • It provides a clear and documented picture of security risks and security measures taken for the business. This provides efficiency, manages risks and saves costs.
  • It increases the understanding of security risks and security needs associated with the business. Without this understanding, there is a significant risk of costly and ineffective security solutions.
  • If the business is not covered by a formal set of requirements and can freely weigh risk against cost, it is particularly important to understand the level of security. This creates high requirements on experience and competence to weigh actual benefit against cost.

A security analysis can be performed to

  • Respond to your insurance company if you do not agree on claim levels or costs
  • Investigate high security costs or increased crime against the business
  • Investigate incidents when security solutions have been deficient
  • A security analysis should always be carried out for new investments, such as the purchase of companies or properties.

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