Security Audit


Product description

Most sites have some sort of physical security to prevent unauthorized people from damaging or gaining access to certain areas. This through physical protections or by security systems.

A security audit refers either to an audit of a specific system in property or a complete screening of the physical security in one or more sites. The purpose is to get a snapshot of the condition and function of existing security solutions, to distinguish the property's or system's security level. It consists of an assessment and recommendations on improvements.

We offer four levels within the framework of security audits

  • Level 1 - Security audit of specific security system
  • Level 2 - Security audit of one or more offices or buildings.
  • Level 3 - Security audit of one or more properties.
  • Level 4 - Security audit of shopping centers or industries.

Upon completion of the project, a report is always submitted together with a presentation.

There are several benefits with a security audit

  • Often the lack of maintenance together with rebuilds can create a patchwork of solutions that no longer meets needs and requirements.
  • In order to prevent crime and incidents, one should examine which security solutions are installed, how they interact with each other and whether they still fulfill their purposes.
  • Incident history and existing agreements with security providers should be reviewed regularly to see if there are unnecessary costs or a high frequency of incidents.

A security audit should be conducted

  • When buying or selling property
  • Before procurements that involve the replacement or upgrade of one or more systems
  • High insurance or security costs
  • After increased security level or new requirements
  • After an incident
  • Changed threat environment
  • High crime

A security audit can also be performed before sensitive projects

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