Crisis Training


Product description

A crisis training gives the management team a common base of knowledge within risk and crisis management. After this, you can better develop the business's crisis management capability. The purpose is to increase participants' knowledge and awareness in crisis management and increase the ability to prevent serious incidents and to manage crises. The training is primarily intended for executive management teams and key functions, but can also be extended in the organization.

The training provides knowledge about

  • Different types of crises and what characterizes them.
  • Current examples of crisis management with good and bad examples.
  • Organization of a crisis management group and its collaboration with other parts of the organization.
  • A structured work process for crisis management and management of a crisis.
  • Risk management and structure for prioritization and management of different types of negative events.
  • Relationship between risk analysis, preventive measures, continuity plans and crisis management.
  • Difficulties in crisis management.
  • How to maintain the ability to handle crises.

React Risk Advisory conducts the training in seminar form with varied teaching and discussion as well as group tasks.

Benefits of conducting a crisis training

  • The participants get a common view of what a crisis is and how to organize their crisis management.
  • The participants gain knowledge to assess whether the business's crisis planning is sufficient or what needs to be developed.

Crisis training should be carried out

  • When a new management team is appointed, or new members are added.
  • Recurring, time intervals depend on the type of business.
  • In the event of major operational changes or new security risks or threats that have arisen.

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