Our services



React Risk Advisory offers expertise in security and crisis management for businesses. The purpose is to create awareness and take control over security risks and threats that the business faces. With our support, the client achieve security and stability, so that management can focus on its core business.

We are available to our customers around the clock and all year round to assist, advise and lead operations in the event of serious incidents, threats, disruptions and crises.

Our range of services is divided into four business areas.

Information & Analysis

We work with gathering, evaluating and analyzing information. Our products and services span over several areas. What they have in common is that we support our clients in and during decision-making processes to manage security risks and threats.

Security Risks & Threats

We identify businesses' needs, requirements and establish conditions for various security solutions. Together with existing organization and system, we also work with identifying, assessing and managing threats to businesses.


Our services ranges from assessment of various security systems to establishing security policies. We can have several roles, such as auditor, project manager, procurer and external security manager. We also work with event and personal security.

Crisis management

We help businesses prepare for the unexpected. We also provide support during ongoing crises and evaluates what can be learned from the crisis, to better manage future incidents.