Global Monitoring Service


Product description

We live in a world characterized by quick movements, making it necessary to monitor changes that may pose a threat against a business, staff or assets.

React Risk Advisory offers a monitoring service related to security risks and threats affecting critical processes and business goals. Its purpose is to identify events and mentions that may require a higher level of security for our clients. This through gathering and assessing information based on relevance and analyzing possible scenarios for our client. It also contains recommendations on actions in response to events or anticipated events.

We mainly work with two forms of intelligence monitoring

  • Specific report on the development in some field or chain of events. For example, political changes, crisis, and disasters.
  • Monitoring of information within a certain field or regarding specific parameters. Gathered information are later presented in real time or within given intervals.

There are several benefits of using security risk intelligence monitoring

  • Gives the organization the possibility to follow trends and act in time.
  • Only relevant information is presented, the receiver can quickly get an overview of what trends to focus on.
  • Can be used during events to get information on threat actors.

Security risk intelligence monitoring should be used

  • In the event of major business changes
  • When business is established in a new location
  • If the business expands with new business areas
  • As part of the company's systematic security work. Information about changes is essential to be able to work preventively.
  • In case of increased security risk, threats and during or after a crisis

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