Personal Security


Product description

Senior executives and key staff often have a need for higher security measures to ensure that threats related to work is not transferred into the private sphere. This to prevent incidents and increase safety and security for exposed employees.

React Risk Advisory offers assessments on clients’ need of personal security. Evaluating what measures that need to be in place and why and how the measures should be implemented.

A personal security assessment consists of several elements.

  • Exposure investigation of the household
  • Interviews and training
  • Security risk assessment and threat assessment
  • Security inspection of the property

Upon completion of the project, the personal safety investigation is always submitted in the form of a report together with a presentation.

There are several benefits with personal security

  • Security risks for businesses and its senior executives are often intertwined. Therefore, they should be assessed and managed together.
  • Provides the possibility for senior executives to live as normal a life as possible, without unnecessary interventions in everyday life.
  • Determines what a sufficient level of security is to manage the security risks to which the person or company is exposed.

A personal safety investigation should be carried out

  • After appointments of key positions such as CEO, CFO or other position that is the face of the company.
  • When expanding to countries with a higher degree of corruption or security risk.
  • When companies increase its involvement in controversial areas or industries.
  • When there is an increased risk for the company or its employees.
  • When threats have been received.

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