Product description

Prior to a procurement, it is necessary to produce a specific set of requirements that form the basis for assessment of the supplier and solution. This will in many cases reflect the delivery for several years to come.

React Risk Advisory helps businesses to plan and carry out procurement of security solutions. Our role can range from advisory to leading the procurement process, producing procurement materials and criteria for evaluating tenders. The purpose is for our client to get the highest quality at the best price and avoid common pitfalls and costs. We are independent before choosing a supplier and act as a representative for the client.

A procurement of security solutions mainly consists of four elements

  • Planning
  • Contact with suppliers
  • Assessment of tenders
  • Negotiation of agreement

Upon completion of the project, a description of the procurement process is always submitted in the form of a report together with a presentation.

Advantages of using external support during the procurement process

  • With industry knowledge, you set appropriate requirements and evaluate tenders based on several qualitative parameters. This provides a good basis to produce procurement materials, during the negotiation with suppliers and the provision of security for a long-term delivery.
  • With specialist competence, an assurance of quality is given throughout the entire process, at the same time as the customer pays reasonable prices.
  • Guarantees the integrity of the procurement during the process.

External support during the procurement process should be used

  • When the procurements are complex or have a very large scope.
  • Requirements for specialist competence
  • Procurement of security systems or security services when high demands are placed on specific delivery
  • When the integrity of the procurement is important

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