Crisis Management Exercises


Product description

During a crisis, ordinary operations are suspended, and it is up to the crisis management team to guide the organization. Adequate preparation and training are a key to being able to act with urgency and reason. An important part of this is that all members of the team must understand and be comfortable with assigned roles and plans. This can be achieved during training sessions in which real-life scenarios are put forward.

React Risk Advisory offers crisis exercises for clients that want its crisis management team to train and test its ability to handle crises. The purpose is to maintain and develop the ability to handle serious events and crises within the crisis management team.

The exercise is tailored after our client’s needs, but normally consists of a shorter introduction to the field of crisis management and scenario exercises in which the crisis management group will handle a number of crises. During the scenario exercise, the participants discuss appropriate measures, which is later commented on by the coordinator..

There are several benefits with a crisis exercise

  • Existing crisis planning is tested which provides a good basis for evaluating whether it fulfills its goal and purpose.
  • During the exercise, you gain an increased awareness of what needs to be developed.
  • The crisis management group has received the same training and more comfortable in their roles, mandates and to cooperate with each other.
  • The crisis management team maintains its current capabilities.
  • After the exercise, participants become more aware of events that can trigger a crisis thereby also how one can avert a crisis at an early stage.

A crisis exercise should be carried out after

  • The development of a new crisis plan
  • Major changes in the business
  • Reorganizations, major staff changes, or rotation
  • Crises or serious events that have demonstrated the need for a joint exercise.
  • Some time has passed since the last exercise.

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