Security Risk Assessment


Product description

In a security risk assessment, we review the level of security that the business is required to have through internal or external requirements, while at the same time identifying which actual security risks are linked to the business. The purpose is to assess and identify the business's required levels of security, risk exposure and to map the risk environment. To find an appropriate level of security for the business and what measures should be in place. Safety and security must be at the highest level where the security risks are greatest.

A security risk assessment mainly consists of four elements

  • Identification of internal and external requirements
  • Identification and assessment of the business' security risks
  • Comparison between requirements and security risk exposure
  • Assessment of the appropriate level of security

Upon completion of the project, the security risk assessment is always submitted in report form together with a presentation.

The advantage of making a security risk assessment

We often see companies that invest a lot of resources in security solutions that only marginally add increased security and miss areas that have a greater need for increased level of security.

This misalignment can be costly, partly in the form of unnecessary safety measures and partly at risk when parts of the business are left without sufficient protection.

Security deficiencies can lead to interruptions and forced operational changes. This can cause real market loss and loss of value that cannot be directly compensated financially.

A security risk assessment should be carried out

  • In the event of major business changes
  • When business is established in a new location
  • If the business expands with new business areas
  • Before an important event or after a serious event.
  • If external conditions such as unexpected or expected change which may affect the security risk environment.

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