Threat Assessment


Product description

In a threat assessment, threats are defined and analyzed. The threats may be directed towards the business as a whole or specific parts of the business, locations, or employees. Usually, the severity of a threat is assessed based on a threat actor's intention, ability and opportunity. The most serious is security threats. In such, an actor has the intention and capacity to, under given circumstances, harm an organization or its representatives, physically or financially. Which can happen through infiltration, pressure or an attack. Many times, this is preceded by the threat actor having mapped and identified a vulnerability in the business, such as critical structures, people or processes.

The purpose of a threat assessment is to get a clear picture of which threats are directed at the business and whether any of them constitute a security threat.

A threat assessment mainly consists of three elements

  • Identification of threats
  • Assessment of the threat actor’s intention and capacity
  • Recommendations for appropriate management of the threat.

Upon completion of the project, the threat assessment is always submitted in report form together with a presentation.

Benefits of making a threat assessment

By distinguishing less serious threats from security threats, businesses are given a greater opportunity to put in place well-targeted security measures to limit the opportunity for threat actors to cause damage to the business.

Proper management of security risks and threats ensures the health of employees and the long-term profitability of the business.

A threat assessment should be carried out when

  • Threats are received
  • Suspicions of hostile intentions
  • Changes in business that can create new threat actors
  • Agreements with new parties that can create transferred threats
  • A threat assessment can also be performed after crises to investigate whether the threat has changed

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