Crisis Plan


Product description

In a crisis, organizations' decision-making, and ability to act are tested. For a crisis to be managed in an efficient and systematic way, organizations develop crisis plans and have regular exercises in crisis management. A crisis plan defines what constitutes a crisis and how key functions during such a crisis should be organized, in the form of processes and collaboration.

The purpose of crisis planning is to increase the conditions for effective crisis management and to ensure the survival and recovery of the business. This is especially important because the measures taken during a crisis should be well-balanced and not be late or worsen the crisis.

React Risk Advisory helps companies to develop and update their crisis plans. We always tailor the crisis plan to our clients' operations, organization and employees. Through interviews with relevant management and workshops, we distinguish what is important for your business and design the crisis plan to meet this. In our experience, this anchoring provides good conditions for the implementation of the plans after the end of the project.

Benefits of getting support with crisis planning

  • By working with your crisis plan, you strengthen your ability to handle serious unexpected events.
  • You get a system in the executive management that contributes to better communication and coordination of measures.
  • A crisis plan should always be updated and have relevant content adapted to the organization.
  • By bringing in external help, you get benefits from the experience of other industries.
  • The process of developing a crisis plan contributes to increased awareness and reduces the risk of certain crises, or that serious incidents escalate.

Crisis planning should be carried out at

  • Major changes in the business.
  • New establishments of operations in new locations.
  • Reorganizations in the executive management.
  • Major staff changes or rotation.
  • Changes in security risk exposure or received threats.
  • Crisis plans should also be updated if the old plan is no longer perceived as relevant to the business.

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