Project Management


Product description

When starting a project, it is important to have a clear plan for the entire process, from start to finish and then a plan for the implementation. With the help of an external project manager, companies receive support in planning and structuring projects and an expert to set requirements towards suppliers. The purpose is to get clarity, cost control, quality assurance, follow-up of time plans and making sure that responsibility is taken. Decisions made must be carried out from set goals and without unnecessary delay or costs.

React Risk Advisory has well-proven methods of project management of installations and adaptations of security solutions and measures. Our role can be to only lead parts of a larger project to lead all the parts. Our experience shows that we are of greatest use when we are part of the project already in the planning stage. Then we can identify and remove potential obstacles even before the project has begun.

Our methodology normally consists of three parts

  • Planning
  • Project management
  • Follow-up and quality assurance

Upon completion of the project, a report on completed work is always submitted together with a presentation.

Advantages of using an external project manager

  • With specialist competence, you can ensure quality throughout the entire process from design to delivery and set the right requirements, with cost control.
  • For extensive projects where higher requirements are set on competence regarding planning and follow-up. This is to prevent increased costs and delayed delivery. Especially important when it comes to projects which includes many components and suppliers who will collaborate.
  • A clear and documented project management provides the necessary conditions for demanding responsibility when suppliers do not deliver according to agreement. Without a clear plan, there is an imminent risk that the project will be delayed with increased costs as a direct consequence.

External project management should be used at

  • Extensive projects
  • Tight schedule
  • High demands on execution and delivery
  • Lack of resources in the organization
  • Specific competence requirements
  • Installation of complicated security systems

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